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Who We Are

Lingualytics A.I. technology analyses any text and document content. We combine semantic knowledge management with machine learning. Controlling the massiv and daily growing flood of data is our key aspect to bring you back in an efficient communication- control with your partners and stakeholders.

Our Services


we connect your existing data-hub with Lingualytics via open interfaces and consider the entire data inventory of your company. The usage is easy to use by activating a Microsoft AddIn (Word, Outlook, Excel, ….) or our direct web-based access. Adding existing databases and knowledge databases can be easy attached.


Due to A.I. technology we let the algorithms train himself with your company-specific Wordings. For each search, the current and personal work context of the respective employee is taken into account.


Our algorithms identify the intent of communication. What did the author mean? And recognizes the tonality of the content (friendly, aggressive, time pressure...). Defined actions will take place to filter and link the communication to the right track.

Process Management

Incoming communication (Email, Chat, social media conversations) are grouped into topic-based threads (related projects, important notifications, demands, information, etc.). We then route the communication to the next process step (filing, processor, autoresponse...).

Change Management

Lingualytics offers a comparison module that identifies discrepancies between similar documents and shows parallel passages throughout the document inventory.

Text Management

Our Summarizer technology automatically compresses text documents and provides the central contents of the document as a summary.


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